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Key To Our Future

We have three really awesome founders. And, they're actively involved in the business today.

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Key To Our Experience

Our culture is something we take to heart, and we live it as more than happy hours and flip flops (but you'll find plenty of that around here, too!)

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Key To Our Success

Simply put, we believe in treating people the way we want to be treated.
Frontpoint wants employees who expect to feel great, and who come willing to make others feel great, too.


Take a walk around our Sales floor, and you’ll see – and feel - magic in the making. People walking, talking and doing whatever it takes to create an amazing customer experience starts here.

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Customer Care

At Frontpoint, we pride ourselves on providing service like it used to be by delivering peace of mind. That comes to life when working with our Customer Care department.

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In our corporate departments, we work behind the scenes to help our frontline teams create the best customer service experiences possible.

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Key To Your Potential

At Frontpoint, we celebrate that we’re wired differently. We hold the elevator for people, offer to share the load, greet each other with a handshake or a high five. Essentially, we live a culture of service like it used to be. We’re wired differently. Are you?

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