Chris, Aaron & Peter
We believe people matter here,
not just earnings.

Key To Our Future

Frontpoint is a rapidly growing technology and service company. With our high growth comes responsibility to do things not just fast, but smart. We envision a better way, a better product, a better solution – and that started with our founding leadership back in 2007.

“ It was always about deciding and doing things that would be best for the customer, and not necessarily the best for the bottom line. It was this vision that if you take care of the customer – and the employee – then things will work out. ” - Aaron Shumaker, Co-founder and President

Culture and people are the key to what makes Frontpoint unique. As a company, from the very beginning, Frontpoint has approached both our culture and people in a different way — and that all started with three guys in a basement.

Our three founders – Chris Villar, Aaron Shumaker and Peter Rogers – have diverse backgrounds and wide expertise. You won’t find groupthink here: Our founders are deeply invested in moving Frontpoint closer to making the world a more trusting place.

People matter here, not just earnings. Because our founders actively manage the business today, we make decisions that are best for our customers and our employees.

Chris Villar, CEO

There is no mountain too tall for Chris Villar. An avid climber, Chris brings that same tenacity and determination to Frontpoint, pushing the company to new heights. His forward-thinking approach and penchant for dreaming big are the forefront of Frontpoint’s drive to become the world’s most trusted alarm company.

Aaron Shumaker, President

From beginning his financial career at Georgetown University’s student-run credit union, to working as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, Aaron Shumaker has played key roles in both finance and customer service. As the President, Aaron leverages his experience to balance and continuously strengthen Frontpoint’s focus on metrics and the customer experience.

Peter Rogers, Senior Advisor

When it comes to home security, you’d be hard-pressed to find something Peter Rogers doesn’t know. He’s played prominent roles in the alarm industry since 1989, including leadership roles at Alarmguard, Tyco International and Peak Management Consulting. Peter is an avid climber, and regularly writes for Frontpoint’s popular blog.

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