It’s Because of Our People

The key to our success

Key To Our Success

In our corporate departments, we work a little more behind-the-scenes to help our frontline teams create the best customer services experience possible.

Wired Differently in: Technology

The Frontpoint technology stack stands at the intersection of hardware and software. They develop and utilize industry-shaping systems and software to remain a leader in home security and automation. Tech deploys cutting-edge solutions across a variety of functions including sales, customer support and supply chain management, as well as data gathering and analysis. Ready to trouble shoot? Check out our Technology positions here.

Ben Bone
Senior Systems Engineer

"We are met with challenges all the time where,

instead of wasting money or resources on someone else’s box product, we task ourselves with developing our own software.

This has been my favorite part of working in the technology department of Frontpoint. I have learned more here in a year and a half than I did in all my years of previous experience."

Wired Differently in: Business Development & Marketing

Business Development at Frontpoint creates and nurtures strategic relationships with industry partners and target markets to identify customer leads and prospects — all to help our Sales department provide everything our customers need when they call us. In partnership with BD, Marketing optimizes our channels with a data-centric, test-and-learn approach to improve Frontpoint’s customer base. Check out our Business Development & Marketing opportunities here.

Britani Carter
BD Account Manager

"There are so many reasons why I love working at Frontpoint.

I get to see my impact on a daily basis because my goals are directly tied to the goals of the organization.

I have teammates I can truly depend on to manage our internal relationships as well as external perceptions; and every manager I’ve worked with here has empowered me to do my best. I thrive on all of these things so I feel like I am given freedom to succeed the way I need to."

Wired Differently in: Talent

Our Talent Department has one of the most important jobs at Frontpoint: driving and evolving Frontpoint’s awesome culture. As the keepers of our company culture, we bring the employee work experience to life at Frontpoint. We seek, hire, develop, invest in, retain and serve the best people we can find. It’s our job to make sure we raise the bar with every hire. Ready to put your passion to work and create an incredible workplace? Check out our Talent opportunities here.

Bill Blackford
Director, Talent Acquisition

"It’s awesome working for a business as forward-leaning and progressive as Frontpoint. Senior leadership genuinely cares about making sure this is a great place to work.

We invest in our people because we run off the principle that this business is built on the great people who work here.

You don’t find this kind of work and business environment in the DC area and that makes us very special."

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