It’s Because of Our People

The key to our success

Key To Our Success

We live a culture of service: Our sales and service employees put our customer needs first. Other employees work behind the scenes to ensure customers get a dependable and delightful experience. We’re proud that our same customer experience extends to everyone who works here because our colleagues also deserve a great experience, too.

Not Your Average Call Center: Customer Care

At Frontpoint, we pride ourselves on providing service like it used to be by delivering peace of mind. That comes to life when working with our Customer Care department.

World-class customer service is in Frontpoint’s DNA, and our Customer Care Department makes the customer service magic happen. Our Customer Care representatives offer unmatched service and assistance on everything from system shipment and activation, to additional equipment requests and troubleshooting. Our service agents have an innate ability to connect with our customers on a personal level, all while delivering top-notch service.

Kat Douglas
Customer Care Consultant

"I help our customers feel comfortable and safe. That, to me, makes me a part of something huge.

It’s bigger than me and it’s bigger than Frontpoint. Offering peace of mind is what we are all about.

It’s my goal every day to make at least one customer feel safe because not only is it a rare feeling in customer service but it’s also a rare feeling on this planet."

We have deep pride in understanding, empathizing and trouble-shooting for our customers. That’s why our incredible training program thoroughly sets every service rep up for success. More, our supervisor team is like the customer service team to our customer care reps, a superstar backup team so that our incredible reps can always feel comfortable and confident in creating world-class customer experiences

On the Customer Care side, we reward smart work by having a clearly defined path to success, rooted in transparency and supported by coaching for strong performance. With mentors, managers-as-coaches, world-class training and constant communication not only to set up our Customer Care employees for success, but also to keep Frontpoint at the forefront of our industry.

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