It’s Because of Our People

The key to our success

Key To Our Success

We live a culture of service: Our sales and service employees put our customer needs first. Other employees work behind the scenes to ensure customers get a dependable and delightful experience. We’re proud that our same customer experience extends to everyone who works here because our colleagues also deserve a great experience, too.

Not Your Average Call Center: Inside Sales

Take a walk around our Sales and Customer Care floors, and you’ll see – and feel - magic in the making. People walking, talking and doing whatever it takes to create an amazing customer experience starts here.

Our Sales department is the key engine that drives our extraordinary growth. Our Sales Consultants design custom solutions for each potential customer utilizing our industry-leading technology. Our Sales representatives are set up for success thanks to our first-class training program. And, we provide advancement opportunities to our top performers; that’s why all of our sales managers started out on the phones.

Joel Migliaccio
Sales Consultant

"Everything we do from call start to the call close affects multiple departments within Frontpoint. The Fulfillment team prepares and ships all of our orders and Customer Care helps our customers set up their system based on our work.

As a Sales person at Frontpoint, it starts with you and your downstream impact is huge.

We set the tone for how the company delivers on the customer experience."

On the Sales floor, you’ll never have to guess about your performance. Regularly refreshed dashboards share metrics and progress so you’ll always know how you’re doing (and encourage some friendly competition). Speaking of competition, we also reward smart work at Frontpoint with recognition, team-to-team challenges, awards dinners and more.

Our managers also practice real-time coaching so you get the support and encouragement you need to succeed – and so you can continue to deliver the world-class customer experience Frontpoint is known for.

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