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Ontario License Information: Frontpoint is Exempt

Frontpoint is the right choice for home security in Ontario.

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Safety in wireless

Frontpoint is the only nationwide alarm company to deploy 100% wireless security systems to every customer. Wireless is the only technology we've ever sold, because it's safer. Most home security systems depend on either a phone or internet connect. Frontpoint is different, with a built-in cellular device. If an alarm sensor is triggered at your house, the alert will go out to the Monitoring Center over a secure cellular link. You have security, even if the burglar cuts your phone line. Even if your internet service goes out.


Wireless is simpler, too

If you choose a 100% wireless alarm system, you won't have an installation fee. A Frontpoint wireless security system is so easy to set up that you can do it yourself in about 30 minutes. So you'll save time as well as money! No hassle over scheduling the technician. No waiting for them to show up. No tangle of wires or holes in your wall. With a system this easy, you can add sensors whenever you want. Or take the whole system with you when you move.


Customers love Frontpoint

Still not sure which security system is right for you? Read the reviews, and you'll soon find that Frontpoint is usually found on top. Industry websites, like A Secure Life, rank Frontpoint #1, over all others. We're so confident that you''ll be pleased, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your Frontpoint system for any reason, return it to us for a full refund. We think you'll agree that our system is a great choice for home security in Ontario.